Learn Cloudly is an easy to use complete "Cloud" based online Learning Management System for institutions and organizations of any size. Simplicity at its core, learncloudly caters to all your learning and test management needs.

We are taking learning processes to the next level in the new Cloud Computing era. In recent years online education has changed the way courses are taught at schools, but it's still limited to institutions those are able to invest heavily into hardware, software and handle operational costs. With the latest advancements in the cloud computing, now it's possible to bring online education to everybody.
Learn Cloudly is a robust, secure and scalable Learning Management System, that's literally as simple as using your email, at your dispose. "No Hardware required", "No Software required"
Our application works perfectly for independent tutors, educational or training institutes, even for volunteers who want to share their knowledge with the world.
* Learncloudly helps institutions to have their own Learning Management System, which can be used to teach any number of students, still giving a personalized teaching experience to each student.
* You can create and store learning material, create re-usable question banks and tests, once in the "Cloud", and all the students enrolled to the course could easily view/download and learn at their own pace.
* Answers are automatically evaluated based on correct answers set by the faculty and results are published immediately.
* Parents can view the reports and track the progress of the students. Reports can be drilled down to course and topic level which helps in effective learning.
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